Samuel Whithear’s Digital Marketing Blog

Welcome to Samuel’s Digital Marketing blog where we discuss, explore and learn about digital marketing and how it becomes more prevalent in today’s society.

There will be a string of blogs attached to this homepage so please refer to the first one that discusses the concept behind digital marketing, as well as the opportunities/threats for e-commerce businesses through Covid-19.

Blog 4

Hi guys! Welcome to blog 4! Today we’ll be talking about the impact of the internet and digital technologies on the retail sector, with a specific focus on the marketing mix elements. Then I’d like the discuss a scenario where a friend is going to launch an online thrift store and needs our help! Impact … Continue reading Blog 4

Blog 2

Hi guys, I have posted a get to know me YouTube video! Check it out on the link below! I would also like to talk about the impact of Digital Marketing on a firm’s strategic decision making! Impact of Digital Marketing on Firm’s Decision Making For any firm, recognising that digital marketing and e-commerce businesses … Continue reading Blog 2